Alice in Wonderland inspiration

This week-end, I’ve seen the movie Alice in Wonderland.

I’ve never read the Lewis Caroll‘s book.

My first and only experience of the story was the Disney’s Alice in Wonderland… a long time ago!

As I was looking through Internet to find what people were saying about Alice, I was very surprised to find how the fashion has been inspired during the last years by the novel. Actually, not only fashion, but cinema, make-up, deco, songs, etc.

Remember, the « Follow the white rabbit » from Matrix, the « What you waiting for » song from Gwen Stefani, the White Rabbit song from Jefferson Airplane which you can find in the movie Las Vegas Parano, and even in Lost! Two episodes are named directly from Alice : « The White Rabbit » and « Through the looking glass ». I learnt here that Jack Sheppard is the male version of Alice. Mmmh, note sure about this one but why not, he’s probably one of the most spontaneous character of the show.

Fashion is probably the domain which used Alice the most : Paul&Joe with make-up, the Annie Leibovitz shooting for Vogue with all the Fashion designers, Vuitton around 2006, and all the photo shootings fashion magazines have done through the years.

For a book written for a little girl, Alice in Wonderland has been so inspiring for a lot of artists for a long long time, now.

Finally, few words on the movie…

It was so esthetic, so Tim Burton, the details in the colours and the costumes were amazing. Actually I was crazy about the Alices’ dresses. Especially the red one. I tried to find some pictures but didn’t find. If you find some pictures, please send them me on! ;) Nothing original in the story, we all know it. The originality of the movie was definitely the way Tim Burton described the Alice universe. I loved it!

I leave you with this site where some very talented designers designed Alice. Fully cool!

Credits pictures here, here, here, here, here, here.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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2 responses to “Alice in Wonderland inspiration”

  1. Angie says :

    Je ne sais pas si je vais aller voir le film, je ne suis pas une grande fan de Tim Burton mais le make up Paul 1 Joe, j’adore.

  2. swannfreslon says :

    Et bien pour honnête, je ne suis pas toujours pas fan, mais je dois dire que dans celui-ci, j’ai beaucoup aimé l’esthétique.
    Et puis je suis toujours époustouflée des prestations de Johnny Depp, il est fort quand même! ;)

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